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Horry Co Literacy Council

Every spring, about 50 Community Investment Committee Volunteers work hours to review each and every organization that applies for United Way of Horry County funding.

Before any organization receives financial assistance, it has to meet rigid requirements established by this group and our local United Way Board of Directors.

A detailed application package states the mission and purpose of the organization.  The application also includes legalities such as articles of incorporations, by-laws, 501©3 status filed with the IRS and a list of board members. The services of the organization are detailed and justified as a true need in our area and one that is not duplicated. The application also details a four-year comparison of all income and expenses from the organization.

After reviewing the need for the service in our county, the recommended allocation and any other suggestions from the allocation panels are submitted to the United Way Board of Directors for their approval or changes.

Each community partner is also required to submit a quarterly report to the United Way office for perusal of the Community Investment Chair and Community Impact Coordinator to ensure funds are being spent correctly and on the approved programs.

Because of these checks and balances, we are able to assure all donors the services of the community partners are needed, well managed, and efficiently run.